Hi, my name is Kyle Samani. Welcome to my blog. I'm an entrepreneur, intellectual, capitalist, and polymath. I write across many subjects, but specialize in technology, entrepreneurship, sales and marketing, finance, and crypto.

I cofounded and manage a hedge fund that invests exclusively in crypto assets called Multicoin Capital. I'm widely recognized as one of the foremost thought leaders in the space. My writing lives on Multicoin Capital blog. I'm also a prolific Twitter user.

Prior to that, I cofounded and ran startup called Pristine that built software for Google Glass for use by surgeons and other healthcare professionals. During my tenure as CEO, the company raised over $5M in venture capital and grew to nearly 30 employees. Pristine was ultimately acquired by Upskill, which is now the leading company building enterprise apps for smart glasses.

Feel free to reach out via the channels below. I typically respond to friendly messages from strangers on the Internet. Quite a few people have helped me out throughout my career whom I don't have a good way to repay. Instead, I choose to pay it forward instead. Don't be shy if you'd like to ask me a question. I'll do my best to respond.

Note, if you ended up on this page as a result of one of Multicoin's job listings, please don't use my personal email address below. Use my work email instead. I'm sure you can figure it out.