Hi, my name is Kyle Samani. Welcome to my blog. I'm an entrepreneur, intellectual, capitalist, and polymath. I write across many subjects, but specialize in technology, entrepreneurship, politics, social trends, sales, healthcare, and cryptoassets.

I cofounded and manage a cryptocurrency fund called Multicoin Capital. My crypto-related writing lives at the Multicoin Capital Research page.

Prior to that, I cofounded a startup called Pristine that built software for Google Glass for use by surgeons and other healthcare professionals. During my tenure as CEO, the company raised over $5M in venture capital and grew to nearly 30 employees. After I left, Pristine was acquired by Upskill.

I also advise a handful of startups on the side.

Feel free to reach out via the channels below. I typically respond to messages from strangers on the Internet. Quite a few people have helped me out throughout my career whom I don't have a good way to repay. I choose to pay it forward instead.