Tasteless Advertising

Time Warner Cable (TWC) has been running a series of ads on Hulu promoting apps that allow cable subscribers to stream cable TV via the Internet on non-PC devices like iPads. The commercial ends with TWC's new tagline, "Enjoy Better."

This is by far the most tasteless corporate tag line I've ever seen, heard, or smelled. It means absolutely nothing. TWC's advertising team simply chose two adjectives with positive connotations and stuck them together. In an effort to be pleasant and appeal to everyone, they have appealed to no one. This slogan is horribly egregious in its lack of creativity and corporate sincerity. It tells the world that TWC has no taste, no creativity, no inspiration, and that they're not even willing to try. They settled for generic shit advertising.

I recently finished reading Insanely Simple - The Obsession that Drives Apple's Success by Ken Segall. Ken has worked with the CMOs at most of the major technology firms including Apple and Intel. It's amazing to here his anecdotes about the marketing processes at each company. They vary so drastically. Apple's marketing team is driven by a sense for style and genuine belief in the products they're marketing. Once the marketing team finalizes an ad, it goes out to the world. Intel's commercials go through an enormously complicated approval process, where half a dozen parties each have veto power (legal, C-Suite, style-team, etc). By the time all six parties have exercised veto power, the commercial is reduced to something generic and uninspiring.

I can only imagine how similar TWC's marketing approval process is to Intel's. Just imagine how much people had their hands in the process of settling on the phrase "Enjoy Better."

Hey TWC, you know what I would enjoy better? Sincerity, thought,  and drive.