The Power of Accessibility: Fruit Slicers

I love fruit slicers. They're super awesome. I've purchased every fruit slicer that I've seen on Amazon:


Banana (I find this one to be mostly useless since I blend bananas into my protein shakes)



Strawberry (excellent to put sliced strawberries into cereal when in a rush in the morning)

Most people love fruits, yet so many people actually go out of their way to purchase fruits from the grocery store and eat them. And of course, the harder it is to eat the fruit, the fewer people that are willing to eat it.

Mangos and pineapples are two of the most delicious and hardest-to-eat fruits. Despite the fact that most people love them, very few people eat them at home. Their respective slicers reduce the friction between you and the fruit by an order of magnitude. The mango slicer and pineapple corer make it incredibly easy to experience the delight of superbly delicious fresh fruit. Everyone that wishes to eat more fruit should invest in fruit slicers. At about $5 each, they're a fantastic investment.