Glass For [Hobby]

People enjoy talking about Google Glass. Everyone has ideas for it. I've read through hundreds of Glass ideas. I'm taking cues from all of the good ideas, looking for patterns and trends, and trying to understand how the various Glass application markets will evolve.

Unfortunately, economics are not in most developers' favor. Even still, people continue to dream. I've noticed a significant pattern among many ideas: Glass for [hobby].

Glass can enhance the experience of almost any hobby. Modern smartphones are most effective at enhancing the experiences of media and other digitize-able hobbies. But smartphones can't impact real time analog hobbies. Because the smartphone isn't immediately available at all times, it doesn't mesh well with the analog world. But Glass can enhance almost any analog hobby. It's easy to imagine how Glass could improve all of these common hobbies, and many more:

Art production

Basketball training - practicing free throws



Football training - throwing a football




Long distance running - race against a ghost of yourself

Public speaking

Video production

Music production

Traveling and tourism

Perhaps with the exceptions of art production and professional athletic training, at $1500 I don't think Glass is a worthwhile investment for hobbyists in any of these fields. Although Glass would enhance all of these hobbies, it's not worth $1500 in any of them.

We'll see a myriad of "Glass for [hobby]" apps. Most of them are rather obvious and quite simple to develop. I don't think many of them can be commercially viable businesses until the hardware cost to the end user is below $300. In the long run, some of these apps will be commercially successful, but in the early days, it will be difficult for most of the "Glass for [hobby]" apps to make any significant sum of money.