I just got my developer hardware for the Leap Motion controller. It's awesome. I haven't opened up the SDK yet, but I've started playing with the hardware and built-in data visualizer. The level of precision and lack of latency are absolutely phenomenal. Leap outshines Kinect in both of these areas by a mile. Of course, Kinect 2 will launch later this year with the next Xbox (and hopefully a simultaneous Windows launch) backed by Microsoft's might, and I'm sure it will be a major step forward. If Microsoft were to create a Kinect App Store within the Windows App Store, they could steamroll Leap, but that's for a different blog post.

I don't have any special needs for the Leap human computer interface (HCI) like the featured Leap developer, AirHarp. For me, Leap is a complete novelty.

The one app that I can't help but wait for is BetterTouchTool (BTT) for Leap. That's a potent combination. To recap, BTT is a free software application for OSX that allows users to map any trackpad gesture to software command, either globally or per-application. It takes the capabilities of the Mac trackpad to the logical extreme. It's brilliant.

Now imagine an app that let's you map any Leap gesture to any software command. You could swipe 2 fingers in the air to change tabs in Chrome, and 3 fingers to change applications. You "grab" an application window, and size it to the left half of the screen with a simple grab and throw motion. You could increase the volume by lifting you hands up in the air. The opportunities are limitless.

Andreas Hegenberg (BTT Developer), please develop BetterLeapMotion. I'm not the right man to develop that app, but you probably are. Your work on BTT has been incredible. Please do the same for all of the anxious Leap users.