A Day in the Life of a Startup CEO

5:30 AM: wake up using Sleep Cycle, check Mailbox in bed. I want folks to know that I'm up early working.

5:55 AM: begin 1.5 mile run, always in Vibrams

6:30 AM: setup rings on a tree, workout, drink post workout shake, shower, shave, etc

7:30 AM: on the road to Capital Factory

8:00 AM: begin working. Here are some pictures of the views of and from Capital Factory (here and here and here and here and here). Work consists of:





phone calls

phone calls

begging for money




I take most of my phone calls on this bean bag, or in one of these phone booths.

6:30 PM: Attend a developer event, usually conveniently located at Capital Factory or on 6th Street

8:00 PM: go home

8:30 PM: work from home

12:00 AM: sleep