I Don't Have Enough Priority

I regularly hear "I don't have a enough time for [X]" from friends, family, colleagues, and business associates. I'm sure you do too.

That saying is total bullshit.

You always have time. You don't have enough priority.

If you watch a single episode of TV, read a blog, play a game, or even eat, but you don't do [X], then you have implicitly stated that everything else is more important than [X].

That's fine. That's totally ok. Really.

Instead of saying that you don't have time, hold yourself to saying you don't have priority. It's 10x harder socially, but infinitely more honest.

I've been doing my best to hold myself to this. It's difficult. I'm nowhere near 100% compliance. But I find that thinking through this lens lends itself to holding more realistic perspectives of what I can and can't do. It also leads to better time management.