I'm an email junkie. I'm blessed that I can type 100 - 120 words per minute. I write more emails than anyone that I know. Most of them are one-way emails that don't receive a response. I'm proud of that.

Why? Because I believe in over-communication:

1) Human psychology tends towards under-communication. Under-communication leads to passive-aggressive bullshit, hence the divorce rate, unhappy employees, and all kinds of political warfare. Nothing is worse than passive-aggressive bullshit. Over communication stems passive-aggressive bullshit.

Unfortunately, people naturally believe that others know what they themselves want to be known, and that others don't know what they themselves don't want others to know. But in fact the opposite is true: it's known as the spotlight effect. Human psychology tends towards passive-aggressive bullshit.

As a CEO, I'm a professional beggar, storyteller, and fortune teller. I spend all day talking to others either verbally or in writing. I don't do anything except communicate.

2) I want to be known as an over communicator. I ask people for all kinds of stuff: money, access to people that have money, people to work for me, if they know people that might want to work for me, etc. Under-communicators don't realize that many times, they are only in communication with someone to ask for something. Nearly 100% of their conversations are a one-way ask. People don't respond well to that.

Instead, as an over communicator, I'm always offering help, always trying to keep people updated, and always looking for feedback. When I make an ask, it may only be 20% of our total communications. People perceive you dramatically differently when you've been genuinely engaging before you ask for help. The difference is remarkable.