The Killer Apps for Glass

This post was originally featured on the Pristine blog

I recently wrote that there aren't any killer consumer apps for Glass that will drive adoption. Yes, there're Glass apps for hobbies, but those won't drive mainstream adoption by 25% or 50% of the population.

But Glass will change how a lot of people do their jobs. To understand that, let's consider the marginal value of Google Glass:

1) hands free

2) heads up display

3) friction free

4) first person camera

Glass is particularly suited to help individuals who have the following job description: folks running around all day using their hands who need to access and share information. All of the following job functions match that job description:

medical professionals

security / surveillance / police


warehouse workers

restaurant staff

on site technicians / engineers

For people who have that job description, Glass solves problems that are present for 8+ hours / employee / day. That means that in these scenarios, Glass has the opportunity to create enormous amounts of value.

The killer apps for Glass will be for the enterprise.