The Marginal Value of Google Glass, Continued

I've been traveling the country presenting about Google Glass from the perspective of a Glass startup. As part of the presentation (available here), I present a thesis on how to think about usability on Glass, uses cases, and monetization.

The first step to thinking about usability and use cases is to define the fundamentally unique characteristics of the Glass platform. The best Glass apps will take advantage of the unique characteristics of the form factor.

The first post I ever wrote about Glass, back on February 25th, was titled The Marginal Value of Google Glass. I identified 3 unique characteristics of Glass:

1. Hands free

2. Heads up display

3. Friction free (always there)

Well, I've since identified a 4th. And it's probably one of the most obvious.

4. First person camera + microphone

Somehow I had missed it for months. I still think there may be 1-2 other unique traits that I've missed. If you can think of any, please let me know.