The Pristine Story: Fall Mayhem Begins

This post was originally featured on the Pristine blog.

It's showtime.

We begin testing our apps with live patients in surgery this week. After months of development, we get to test all of our assumptions. We've developed a remarkable amount of technology in a short period of time. A lot of people - investors, advisors, employees, and their significant others - have sacrificed to help us get here. I can't express enough gratitude to everyone who's helped us get this far.

Fall mayhem is here. The next few weeks are going to be wild:

Mark and Patrick are on site with our piloting surgeons and anesthesiologists.

I'm in the Bay Area for Health 2.0 and GlazedCon. At Health 2.0, I'll be interviewing Aaron Levie, Founder and CEO of Box. At GlazedCon, I'm leading a panel discussion about the future of wearable technologies in healthcare.

I'm going back to DC for the American College of Surgery Clinical Congress this coming weekend.

I pitch at Austin Startup Week October 10th to a private audience of about 100 investors.

In 2.5 weeks, I come back to the Bay Area for our public unveiling at DEMO, October 17th. I'll be removing a bullet from a John Doe live on stage in front of 500+ investors and media. After DEMO, we'll finally be able to publicly discuss what we're working on :). I'm not sure if DEMO will provide live streams. If you'd like to watch live, please check the Pristine Blog or my blog on October 17th and I'll provide links to the live stream.

I go to NYC October 21st for VC meetings.

I'm presenting at FutureMed November 3 - 6 in San Diego.

The biggest concern leading up to our first pilot has been, pathetically, lack of hardware. Up until just a few days ago, we only had 3 Google Glass units. On Thursday September 26th, we got 5 units, bringing our total to 8. It was a miracle. And we may have a couple more inbound. If you know anyone that's willing to part ways with a Glass unit, please let us know. We will always pay for more.

The team continues to grow. We dominate a full table in Capital Factory now. I'm also excited to announce that we've hired Bryan "Buzz" White as VP of Sales. He's spent the past 7 years building sales forces and selling cutting edge technologies into hospitals, physician offices and clinics. He actually founded and lead the State's largest and most successful health information exchange (HIE), the North Texas Accountable Healthcare Partnership, which is among the few HIEs in the country that's actually a sustainable, profitable entity and one of the first organizations to explore accountable care strategies in healthcare.

We're looking for a MEAN back-end web developer. MEAN = MongoDB, Express.JS, Angular.JS, Node.JS. Front end experience is a plus, but not a requirement. If you or anyone you know is qualified or interested, please reach out.

As if we weren't being secretive enough, I'll close this episode of the Pristine Story with one final teaser before DEMO. We've signed three of the most prominent medical institutions in the world to pilot our apps in surgery. You will recognize their names instantly when we unveil them at DEMO.