The Pristine Story: Launch!

This post was originally featured on the Pristine blog

I send out an email to everyone that we're talking with called "The Pristine Story" every few weeks to provide updates on what we've done and where we're going. I sent out the first one a few weeks ago, so this is a bit dated. The rest will be more timely moving forward.

It's official: my cofounder and CTO Patrick Kolencherry and I launched Pristine! We’re trying to redefine doctor-computer interaction on Google Glass. Check out the teaser video on our website.

We have our hands on Glass here in Austin. We’re expecting a second unit from Google soon, and looking for more. Patrick has been developing for almost a month now, and the progress has been amazing. We’ve built out a robust back-end, and over 2-dozen screens on the front end.

I’ll be coming to NYC June 18-24 to meet with investors and partners, and will try to squeeze in a little R&R and time with friends too ☺.  Please reach out so we can catch up if you’re in the city. Also, Patrick and I will both be going to Phoenix on July 17th for a meeting with a very prominent group of doctors that want to pilot Pristine.

Patrick and I are all in, and paycheck-free. At least for now. We’re raising a $350k seed round from angels. If you know any investors that would be interested in this kind of venture, please put us in touch. We have an investor package ready to go out. Glass apps are hot, and we’ve been receiving a lot of interest. We’re doing our best to let everyone invest that wants to.

We’re hiring! We’re looking for top-tier Android developers who want to change how doctors practice medicine. We’re also looking for developers that know the Mirth interoperability engine. We’re offering great compensation, benefits, developer perks (Retina Macbook Pros for everyone!), and an opportunity to work on some of the most incredible technologies in the world. We want to find the best Austin has to offer. Please, if you know anyone that would be interested, send them our way.

To succeed, we need to pilot Glass in clinical environments with doctors that are just as crazy as we are. We’re in the process of talking with doctors and hospitals who want to pilot our apps on Glass. We’ve found a few interested parties, and are courting them now. Again, if you know anyone doctors that would be interested, please put us in touch.

And of course, I haven’t stopped blogging. I’m now blogging across 3 entities: HIStalk, thePristine blog, and my personal blog. Healthcare focused posts will go to HIStalk, Glass development posts to the Pristine blog, and everything else to mine. In the past few weeks, I’ve written:


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