The Pristine Story: Peeking out of the Shadows

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It's been a busy couple weeks for us. We can't believe how fast things are moving, or how many people have been offering their help and support. It's been really incredible. I can't possibly express my gratitude enough. Thank you thank you thank you to everyone that's helped!

We're finally in a position where we can talk about what we're actually developing… well kind of. We can't provide any product details, but we can say that we're building Google Glass apps for surgery to improve patient safety and efficiency. We're developing a suite of apps to support the entire surgical flow: pre-op, intra-op, and post-op across all major job functions in the OR: surgeons, anesthesiologists, and nurses. We've built demos for 2 of the most compelling use cases in the OR. We're only demoing investors and surgeons right now; we'll talk more publicly about what our apps do in couple of months, after we've proven efficacy with a pilot site. Speaking of which...

We're currently in talks with at least 8 hospitals and care providers about piloting Pristine; most are in Austin, though we're also talking with organizations in Phoenix and NYC. We're hoping to finalize those details and sign pilot contracts in the next few weeks, and begin pilots in August.

I was in New York last week meeting with investors, partners, and doctors. We secured our first $100k investment from an angel! We still need another $300k, but we're off the ground. At least we can feed ourselves now :). I hate to beat a dead horse, but if you know anyone that would be interested in this kind of an investment opportunity, please put us in touch. We've got an investor package ready to go out the door.

As I mentioned in our last Pristine Story update, we're hiring. We've been frantically interviewing people everyday between meetings. We've extended our first offers, and expect our first non-founder employee, perhaps even two, to start on July 8th. We're still looking for more top-tier Android developers, device integration specialists, and healthcare-integration developers though. If you know any developers looking for crazy new opportunities, please put us in touch!

This past week, two healthcare IT blogs reached out to interview me about Google Glass in healthcare. I'm expecting those interviews to be posted within the next few weeks. Additionally, I was invited to present at the Converge conference in Philadelphia July 9-10. We're also working on a segment with a local TV station in Austin to get the word out about what we're doing in the local community. We're hoping the local TV exposure can bring in a flood of new applicants.

I started the Austin Google Glass Meetup. Our first meeting will be Tuesday July 2nd at 7PM at Capital Factory. We're expecting it to be pretty crowded, so get there early if you can. I'll be presenting all of our insights on Google Glass - strengths, weaknesses, development strategies, use cases, and how to think about Glass app markets. After the presentation, we'll open up the floor for everyone to try on the 7-8 Glass units that we expect to be there. You're invited! Just RSVP at the link above.

I flew out to Minneapolis this weekend for the American Society of Echocardiography annual conference. I'm helping Dr. Partho Sengupta with a small piece of the keynote presentation of the conference. He'll be receiving the most prestigious award in cardiology research, the Feigenbaum Lecturer Award, for his work. We're extremely honored to help.

We've got a busy travel schedule ahead of us. I'm going to Philadelphia for the Converge Conference July 9-10. Patrick and I are going to Phoenix for a major presentation on July 17. I'll also be going to San Francisco a week later, July 24 - 29 for meetings and a family wedding. And then to NYC July 31 - August 5 to take more meetings.

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