The Pristine Story: Pivot. Revenue!

Since the last episode of the Pristine Story, we pivoted and hit our most important milestone to date: revenue! We are increasingly focusing on mobile healthcare settings such as the ER, emergency response, and wound care. We deployed EyeSight with our first partner, Wound Care Advantage (WCA), to power telemedicine wound care consults between hospitals and outpatient wound care centers. The deployment went smoothly. This quote from Pete, IT Director at WCA sums up our experiences:

"You all came out and it just worked. I've seen smoke and mirrors, but your presentation was superb. I can tell when I'm being sold smoke and mirrors. But it just worked. You guys came out and said it, and then did it, instead of selling it. It was awesome."

We are incredibly excited about our partnership with WCA. We'll be working with them to roll out EyeSight across their client base. Our development and training teams have been working around the clock for the last few weeks to ensure seamless deployments. Thank you team.

Pristine will be at the annual HIMSS Conference, Feb 23 - 27 in Orlando, FL. We'll be in the Startup Showcase in Hall E at Booth 7293. We'll be running live demos, so please come by and say hello!

New Website

We revamped our website to reflect a pivot in our market strategy. And as a new year's resolution, one of our mobile developers, Aaron, started the Pristine Engineering Blog, an outlet for our engineers to discuss how we solve problems at Pristine. Please check out our new website and blog and let us know what you think. We would love to hear your feedback.

Team Growth

We'd like to welcome aboard our newest member of the team, Brett Hogan, who's working with Devin to lead our client success stories. Brett has been at Accenture for the last 5 years working exclusively in health IT. With Brett aboard, we now have 10 FTEs.

Of course, we're still hiring. We're looking for more project manager/trainers to work in client success, outside sales(wo)men, a product marketing manager, an iOS/Android mobile developer, and an operations engineer to manage our cloud deployments. You can apply at our new careers site.

Blogging and Wrap Up

I recently started writing for EMRandHIPAA, one of the largest health IT publications on the web, where I'll continue to write at my sweet spot: the intersection of healthcare, technology, economics, business models, and policy. I'm thrilled to get my writing in front of more people than ever before, and to work closely with John Lynn, the founder of EMRandHIPAA.

My opening post for EMRandHIPAA - How Much Of The Healthcare Business Is Healthcare? - is one of the best I've ever written. Check it out, leave a comment, and provide feedback. Nothing makes my day like hearing good things about my writing (other than Pristine's success).