The Pristine Story: The Calm Before the Storm

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In the last episode of the Pristine Story, I mentioned that we'd been building the core infrastructure so that we could execute on our first pilots. I'm happy to report that things are going remarkably well. Engineering is actually a few days ahead of schedule. Mark and Patrick will be on site with our first pilot site testing our software with live patients in surgery on September 30th.

I've been at home working in Austin for the past few weeks, getting things in order for a flurry of sales, marketing, and investor activity to close out the year. The next 8 weeks are going to be absolutely ridiculously exciting:

OR Manager, September 23-25, Washington DC

Health 2.0 - September 29th - October 2nd, Santa Clara

GlazedCon - September 30th, San Francisco

American College of Surgery - October 6-10, Washington DC

American Society of Anesthesiology - October 12-16, San Francisco

DEMO - October 15-17, Santa Clara

HealthTech Conference, October 30th, Mountain View

I'll be pitching / speaking / demoing at GlazedCon, DEMO, and HealthTech.

In addition to these shows and events, I'm in the Baltimore / DC area now presenting to the executive surgical team at one of the nation's premier medical institutions. I'm also flying to SF next week for a day trip to visit with three of the top VCs in the country. And in all likelihood, I'll be coming through NY a week after DEMO for VC meetings.

To help manage and prep for the wave of activity during October, we hired a Director of Marketing, Kristine Bryant. She has a strong background in hospital operations, communications and marketing, and received an MBA from the University of Texas last year. But more importantly than credentials, Kristine is just as crazy as the rest of the Pristine team. She wouldn't leave me alone until I offered her a job. She pinged me daily, refined our marketing materials, and put together a marketing plan even though I hadn't offered her a job. I'd be utterly stupid to pass up on someone who wants the job that badly. We're very excited to have her aboard.

We'll be ramping down some of our outsourced development in October, and will bring that development in house. We're looking for one full time Node.JS developer, and one full time cross-platform Android and iOS developer. If you or anyone that you know is interested in either of these roles, please reach out and let me know. We're still young enough to offer substantial equity, so if you're going to apply, the sooner the better.

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