What Makes us Tick: Curiosity

Pristine is an organization built on the yin and yang of freedom and responsibility. Many organizations struggle to manage that delicate balance. We haven't figured it out, but we work towards it.

We've identified eight values that detail what freedom and responsibility mean.


This is the first in a series of posts that will explore what each value means at Pristine.

The first and most important value is curiosity. It's also my favorite.

Pristine was founded out of a passion for the novel, the new, and the exciting. We live at the cutting edge. We are an engineering driven organization. Engineers are king.

We are at the cusp of the eyeware computing revolution. Eyeware computers will vary significantly more than PCs, smartphones, and tablets because 1" changes in hardware will completely change the use cases and user experience of the device. 3", 4", and 5" smartphones are used to accomplish the same things. 8" and 10" tablets are used to accomplish the same tasks. 13" and 17" laptops accomplish the same tasks. But increasing the screen size of an eyeware computer from 1" to 3" completely changes how the device should be used. Glass will not be used to accomplish the same tasks as the Meta SpaceGlasses or the Atheer One.

It's our job to make sense of the incoming flood of eyeware hardware, build incredible user experiences for each, and determine where and how each hardware device should be deployed throughout the medical enterprise. We have awesomely fun challenges ahead. Our curiosity will drive the future of eyeware computing in medicine.

Eyeware computers break fundamental assumptions that have predicated human computer interaction for the past 30 years. Healthcare delivery was designed with last year's communication technologies in mind. It will be our job to help our clients redefine the future of healthcare delivery with the latest and great tools at their disposal.

Curiosity is not limited to engineering and product teams. We foster curiosity throughout the client success, marketing, and sales teams as well (not accounting though).

In sales and marketing, we face an enormous education challenge. We must overcome copious volumes of public misinformation about Glass. We must convince people that Glass isn't a silly toy. We must convince them Glass presents incredible new opportunities. Traditional marketing channels simply will not work. We must pioneer new means to marketing success.

And in client success, we have to change behaviors. Medical professionals (MPs) aren't wearing eyeware computers today. Many are scared of eyeware devices. The vast majority of MPs don't know what eyeware computers can do or how they work. We must open their eyes to the incredible opportunities that eyeware computers present.

We face a host of challenges that have never been faced before. We smile. We explore. We have fun. And we figure it out.