Why Pristine?

This blog post aims to answer the most existential questions that comprise the foundation of our business.

Why does Pristine exist?

Why do we get up and bust our asses every day?

Why should prospective stakeholders - employees, clients, investors, and partners - join in our insanity?

Pristine lives at the bleeding edge of technology and its intersection with forward thinking healthcare. We always will. We are an engineering driven company that makes the impossible possible. We deeply believe that technology breaks assumptions, and that the world can be rebundled and reorganized more efficiently by utilizing the latest technologies.

Many companies claim to be driven by an intrinsic desire to do good for the world. As a company that strives to improve healthcare delivery, it's pretty easy for us to make that claim; we care about creating real value for the world. However, that's a generic and cliche answer. This answer fails to capture our deeper motivations and beliefs.

We target healthcare because we have deep insight and understanding of modern healthcare delivery. As engineers, we seek inefficiencies. We see opportunities. And we capitalize. We are motivated, driven machines. Put more simply, we target healthcare because we understand the challenges of healthcare delivery better than most. We live and breathe healthcare. We actively invest copious amounts of time and energy in understanding every aspect of the healthcare delivery and technology ecosystems that we bridge.

We are not afraid to express our opinions. We have been and will continue to be wrong across many fronts. We may be wrong in 90% of what we do and say and that's ok. We learn every step of the way. We pioneer new technologies and markets by outlearning the competition. Inevitably, we'll compete with others that have more resources, more funding, better sales and marketing machines, and a more established brand. Despite these disadvantages, we will deliver the best solutions in our markets because we employ the most passionate individuals with the best insights into our markets and where they're going. We will succeed because we will outcompete the competition.

We look both internally and externally to learn. We aim to learn from the best companies in healthcare, health IT, and technology. Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery. There are only a handful of world class companies and we hope to one day join their ranks.

World class companies are not massages, free food, fancy desks, big offices, 1st class plane tickets, or 5 star hotels. World class companies are comprised of exceptionally talented teams that outperform the competition.

World class companies invest in exceptionalism. They ensure that employees have a global sense of context, a solid understanding of the business and its objectives, and enable them to thrive in the face of adversity and distractions.

We get up every morning in pursuit of awesome. We do not accept mediocrity. We strive for excellence. We hope to one day be a world class company. We're not there yet, but we continue to persevere.