The Pristine Story: Planting Seeds For Growth

50% of patient wait times in the ER can be attributed to waiting for specialists to arrive. The ER staff at Rhode Island Hospital (affiliated with Brown University) are using EyeSight to beam consulting physicians into the ER when consulting physicians would otherwise be unable to physically come in and see patients. We'd like to highlight the clinicians at Rhode Island Hospital, who recently went live with Pristine EyeSight in the ER. We'd like to especially thank Dr. Paul Porter, Dr. Peter Chai, and Dr. Roger Wu for driving the project. You can see videos EyeSight live by clicking on the image above.

Over the past couple of months, we've been working tirelessly to ensure smooth EyeSight rollouts. We've been building out robust test suites, automating deployment mechanisms, and building out new layers of security and authentication. You can take a peek inside by checking out the Pristine engineering blog.

We continue to grow the team. We recently brought aboard 2 new salesmen - Jason Sorrells, and Justin Cannon - both of whom have years of experience selling medical devices and health IT solutions. They're operating regionally throughout the US and helping us reach environments that we would have otherwise been unable to reach.

And as always, we continue to blog away. This month, we'd like to highlight a post from our Client Success Manager, Brett Hogan, who outlined some of the challenges that hospitals and physicians are facing as they try to adopt Glass out-of-the-box.